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Ted May portrait

The Paul Guest Collection 2019 -20

7 Dec 2019 – 1 Mar 2020
Bendigo Art Gallery - Group Exhibition

Artworks in Exhibition

Celebrating the gift of his collection to Bendigo Art Gallery, this exhibition showcases the extraordinary generosity of the Honourable Paul M Guest OAM Q.C.

Since the late 1960s, Paul Guest has amassed a significant collection of modern and contemporary Australian painting, drawings and sculpture with a particular focus on abstraction and conceptualism.  He is drawn to the 'tough painting' that talks to the philosophies and politics of life, and representational works that focus on explorations of humanity.  Close relationships with artists have been a defining factor in his approach to  collecting, and this exhibition reveals Guest's passion for art and artists in equal measure. 

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Ted May portrait
Narrative Portrait - Paul Guest
250cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Charcoal on Paper
Paul Guest Collection 004
Paul Guest Collection - Installation #1 Bendigo Art Gallery
Paul Guest Collection 029 cropped
Paul Guest Collection - Installation #2 Bendigo Art Gallery

Australian Artist