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001e1 cow shed

Burnt Iron - an online exhibition

15 Feb 2021 - 15 Apr 2021
While bushfires are dreaded throughout Australia, Ted May finds inspiration in their aftermath.

Artworks in Exhibition

During my schooldays I worked as a paperboy selling newspapers in a pub and by yelling out “Shark Attack” or “Bushfires” was guaranteed better sales. These 2 topics embedded “fear” and “disaster” into the lives of all Australians, which remains constant today. In 1983 an excursion with RMIT art students to Moggs Creek (to view the “destructive beauty” caused by fires that raged along the Victorian Coast from Lorne to Torquay, sending residents fleeing into the surf), has remained a vivid memory. While bushfires are dreaded disasters, the debris left behind gives me inspiration to create works of grandeur and purpose. During my pop-art period of the early 70’s I painted images of corrugated iron as reference to the roofing of almost every Australian home. Rekindling the use of corrugated iron as a reference to the debris caused by fire, this new body of works has evolved transcending to new conceptual spheres. Moreover, while I look “favourably” upon bushfires, tackling the 2nd topic of "Shark Attack" does not set fire to my imagination.

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Breakfast with Kooka | Holiday Lodge
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021
burnt_iron-once_a_home road-works
Burnt Iron | Once a Home | Road Works
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021
cocoon 3
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021
Cow Shed | Gum Fun
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021
Growing Onions | Road to Verona | Dream Home
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021
Razed | Emu - X
Burnt Iron Series 2020/2021

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